The Master Builder

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Great for small group study, Bible college course & personal growth.

John Kelly, Doctor of Ministry
"Apostle John Polis brings much more clarity on this subject of apostles and their function in the The Master Builder. It is a must read for everyone who want to know more about this dispensation of the last restorative gift to the Church - the apostle."

Apostle Les Bowling
Eagle Rock Covenant Network
"John Polis has hit a home run in his new book, The Master Builder. This work is both revelational, practical and biblically sound. This work will give you a greater understanding of the times and how we arrived at this point in history in relationship to the present day ministry. Read it and be equipped for effective ministry in the 21st Century."

Section One
The Reality of Apostles
The Role of Apostles
The Release of Apostles

Section Two
The Heart of Apostles
The Missionary Heart
The Thankful Heart
The Satisfied Heart
The Peaceful Heart
The Warrior Heart
The Generous Heart
The Persuaded Heart
The Father Heart