Built Strong: Wisdom For Today's Apostles

Built Strong: Wisdom For Today's Apostles

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This new book by John Polis contains wisdom from 40 plus years of ministry as an apostle to the nations. Every chapter contains truths that have brought transformation to individuals, churches and territories. The teachings of Built Strong are concise downloads of revelation from the Spirit of God that will release “apostolic faith” into hearts that are seeking to be part of the Restoration of The Church of Jesus Christ. Built Strong is a “handbook” for training a new generation of apostolic leaders and also contains many fresh insights that will strengthen seasoned apostles.


Ap. Trevor Newport: U.K.

"Clear, concise, relevant and excellent! A timeless devotional that the body of Christ needs more than ever. A must read for leaders and followers across all the body of Christ.”

Ken Gaub: Evangelist/Author - Ken Gaub World Wide Ministries - Yakima, Washington

"I am excited about this book, not just because I am a longtime friend of the John Polis family, but because it has a down to earth message that will enlighten the Christian in a great way.  Back in 1974 John and his wife Rebecca found Jesus and began to minister and now almost 50 years later God has used John in tremendous ways. God had a master plan for his life and has used him to travel the world as an Evangelist, Teacher, Apostle, Radio and TV host, Author (of 17 books in 6 languages), establish a Bible College in Kenya Africa that has now graduated over 1800 students, who have established over 600 churches, (some larger than 5,000 people).  He is a Husband, Father of four, Grandfather of eight, and I am proud to call him my friend.  In this new book John uses so many scriptures to talk about surviving, passion, miracles, prayer, abundance and dangers.  You will truly enjoy it.”

Dr Mark Kauffman: Jubilee Ministries Int - Kingdom Congressional International Alliance

"My friend and apostolic colleague Dr. John Polis has once again written a masterpiece entitled, “Built Strong”. This handbook for apostles and for the apostolic church is long overdue and will help them get ready and prepared to navigate forward into the coming moves of God. Over the years of knowing Dr. Polis as a beloved brother, friend and herald of truth, I have watched as he has owned up to the requirements of our Heavenly Father towards an accurate Word and Spirit alignment.

Dr. Polis has assembled one of the most potent and valuable arsenals of spiritual munition, weapons and principles, which will empower and equip the church of Jesus Christ to occupy and transform their sphere of influence.

Built Strong will reconfigure mindsets and bring apostolic alignment for God’s purposes in your life. This book is an anointed map to empower you to finish the race strong. Built Strong not only carries my enthusiastic endorsement, but also, my sincere hope that you would make it a transformative acquisition to your library, bringing great strength, life and encouragement to you. ENJOY!"

John P Kelly: International Convenor, ICAL (International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders)

"Built Strong is a series of  biblical teachings and practical principles regarding more than simply what an apostle is - but what an apostle actually does. In Built Strong, Apostle John Polis draws from his real life experiences as an apostolic masterbuilder of churches, missions, ministries, and church leaders. He has also fathered many spiritual sons and daughters in several nations. Built Strong is written by a true apostolic leader who walks out everything this book teaches. This is why I highly respect Apostle John Polis. Built Strong is a must read for everyone, but especially for those in biblically-based ministry!”

Dr. Keith Collins: Founder & President Generation Impact Ministries & Impact Global Fellowship (An Apostolic Network of International Leaders) - Charlotte, NC

"There are many words relevant to the people of God, however there is no other word that should be more alive in our hearts than the word 'apostolic.' This is a word that illuminates everything regarding the nature and the mission of the church and all the God plans for and expects her to be as His ambassadors here on the earth. In this collection of articles compiled together, Dr. John Polis has provided a vast array of deep insight into the definition and power of what it means to be 'apostolic' at heart and in function. I encourage you to read and reread this book again and again as I know that it will prove to be a tool chest full of deep wisdom and revelation in your walk with the Lord.”

Ap. Joe Perozich: President of Morgantown Faith Center Ministries

"How things are built determines how useful they become in the long term.  The principles in this 31-day devotional have been worked, tested, and proven.  Much responsibility can be placed on the character of the person that has applied these principles. I have watched Dr John implement these truths personally for over 30 years and have found them to be foundational strong.”

Dana Gammill: Cathedral of Life Ministries & Synergy Church Network

"John Polis nails it in his 31 day devotional entitled “Built Strong!” No matter if you are in a season of struggle or a season of success this book will teach you how to both survive and thrive. John is truly a present day apostle with present day, cutting edge, apostolic truth.

If revelation is something you always knew but never realized, then the revelation in this book, when read and applied, will increase your capacity to stand in the midst of adversity and overcome in the face of opposition. Each chapter is designed to equip you with another tool to construct your life as a master builder.

As this Book is being published the nations have been experiencing a pandemic of biblical proportions like we have never seen in our lifetime. I believe “Built Strong” is a now Word to give us the strength to rise out of the ashes and rebuild stronger than ever before!”

Dr. Kayce Ofodile: President, Lively Stones Ministries Int’l and Seminary - Nigeria

"Our world of today needs fathers and generals, who are able to coach, and adequately love them. There is an urgent need both in the Church and the society for warriors, who understand the tactics and the dynamics of fighting and winning wars/battles. Spiritual Power and authority are paramount!

Dr. John Polis is a perfect example of Biblical idea of an apostle. He is full of grace, uncomplicated, humble (yet a lion), holy and wise. His wisdom and experience as a patriarch are revealed in this book that you are holding, “Built Strong,” 31 Keys to Spiritual Power. This is a great resource to all who are called to the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially the Apostles. If you are seeking how to be clothed with God’s power and authority, get this book.”

Rev. Robert J. Hrabak, Jr. Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (ret.)

"Strong word! Dr. John Polis provides an apostolic road map, a strategy in challenging times, and timely wisdom for every church leader. As the entire church world and body of Christ is looking for solid direction after this world-wide pandemic and reset of life, Dr. John provides strong recommendations with a solid biblical foundation for making course adjustments, building a strong church with strong believers. As a former United States Marine and veteran of the Vietnam War, he understands the church must move forward in the anointing and power of God to be an impact. You will be challenged in every page. Set a new direction. Set a course to withstand the winds of persecution and opposition while impacting the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Ryan LeStrange: Author, Founder of RLM, HUBS and Tribe Network

"John Polis is a great apostolic thinker and leader. In his latest writing he unpacks much needed revelation on the apostolic office, agency and mindset. Built strong is recommended reading for those in pursuit of apostolic building and momentum."

Derek Holbert: Ph.D.

"I have had the privilege to know both Dr. John and Dr. Rebecca Polis for over thirty years.  Dr. John has been a spiritual father, leader, mentor but most of all he has been a friend during this time.  I have known him to be a man of great virtue and integrity in every aspect of his life as he leads by example.  His ministry has been devoted to his local church and teaching the gospel throughout the world.  As one of the world’s leading Apostles, this is such a timely and accurate book with the current pandemic that is impacting our world.  The book is a great revelation to how Apostles are great servant leaders to our society.”

Dr. Sammy Gitaari: Founder and Bishop of Gospel Celebration Church, and Apostolic leader, Gospel Apostolic Network - Nairobi, Kenya

"Built Strong provides answers to questions on apostolic reformation and ministry bringing the much-needed correction and healing of many wounds from past movements. It is engaging, honest, readable and impacting.

Dr Polis teaches with simplicity giving practical examples and apostolic advice on meaning, functions, operations and pattern of an apostolic ministry. The book lays a good foundation of ministry clarifying the job description of an apostle and apostolic people using Old and New Testament examples.

In built Strong, Dr. Polis puts the revelation and experience of ministry together skillfully, bridging gaps of earlier movements of the Holy Spirit, so the church within the Apostolic Reformation does not lose ground already gained.

Every minister—Apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher—should make this book his companion. Every church leader stands to gain a lot from this book because in the apostolic ministry, all saints are ministers equally sent to serve among the equipping gifts. I highly recommend this book to the body of Christ.”

Joan Hunter: Author/Healing Evangelist - TV host. Miracles Happen!

"John Polis's book Built Strong is a manual for developing modern leaders with the kind of character, integrity and power that apostolic leaders had in the first century church. 

It contains 31 meditations on various aspects of leadership dynamics that will reorient our work as Christian leaders from technique and personality to Christlikeness and the life of God in man.  I believe you will find it a great aid to your spiritual development.”

Dr. Israel Kim: Founder and Overseer Apostles Ministries Empowerment Network - Living Waters Apostolic Center - Federal Way, Washington, USA

"Dr. John Polis has written a well-balanced and resourceful book for those who are called to apostolic ministry. His book is not only spiritually written but also gives practical revelation for apostolic ministry. His insights and experience provide spiritual treasures that is clearly needed in this day and age.

After reading this book, your mind will be better equipped to understand the characteristics of the apostolic and how it functions and relates with the Kingdom. You will receive an impartation that will give you more passion to serve in His Kingdom. For all those who are seriously committed in apostolic ministry, this book is a must read. I highly recommend this book. You will be blessed on every page you read.”

Dr. Elin Riegel: Founder and pastor of Apostolic Marketplace Center, Spain - President of International Christian chamber of commerce, Spain - Ceo of Impact Training Center, Bible - and Leader schools

"What a fantastic tool for apostles and apostolic people! Using the 31 days of the month and pointing to very important principles, day by day, just like the book of Proverbs is doing, makes this book a winner!

I recommend this “food for Apostles” to every minister in the Kingdom of God, it is clear, powerful and insisting, impossible to avoid checking ourselves, our ministry and our ways of building our “house” in the kingdom.

Knowing Dr. John and Dr. Rebecca Polis for many years, I can confirm that this book is directly written out of their own lives, they live as they teach. 

There is such a wealth of wisdom to draw from here, as the book is grounded in the Word of God, by an author that himself is a powerful servant leader!

As an apostle to the Marketplace, myself, the point in the book of Luke 5:1-11 where Jesus finds discouraged business people whom He intends to recruit for Kingdom enterprises. As we see every day, Jesus saw that they had used their own talents and abilities to operate their business, not understanding they needed to add the spiritual dimension to have true success. Yes, we need to disciple our business people!

We see from this book, that we as apostles, need to be able to teach, capacitate and love our spiritual sons and daughters, so they will reach their full potential and maturity in Christ. Helping them to develop their character and spiritual DNA, demands a wise spiritual father or mother, with the fear of God, but not of man, in intimate relationship with their sons, ready to delegate to them when time comes. 

As a SERVANT leader in the kingdom of God, an apostle need to avoid pride, self- glorification and concentrate on God Who has the control of all, and to whom belongs all the glory! As John, the Baptist said: “I must decrease, and He must increase”!

As I write this, we are seeing 2 Tim 3:1 coming to pass. As Dr. Polis describes in this book, prepare yourselves, as perilous times will come!

We are in 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic carrying a deadly virus Covid19. More than ever do we need this great book, as a guide to keep us close to the Word of God and being an apostolic light and leader in this time! I recommend it strongly – it is a “must read” for apostolic people today."