Put On Your Gloves: The Five Battles Every Christian Must Win (book)

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God’s leaders are under attack to ‘take them out’ if possible. John Polis has heard from God concerning timely reminders that every leader needs to hear. This book will challenge your spirit and ignite a flame in your commitment. I encourage you to share this book with every leader you know.
Apostle Naomi Dowdy,
I recommend Apostle John Polis’s latest book as a necessary manual for all active duty warriors in the Lord’s Army! Polis is a true warrior in the spiritual and the natural, in both the heavenly and earthly realms, who is highly qualified to give practical knowledge and wisdom - because he has lived it. Born and raised in the tough, scrappy towns of Western Pennsylvania, trained in the US Marine Corps, plus decades of ministry and family life experiences prepared him for crucial assignments on many fronts. Now he shares how to win the five primary battles that every Christian faces. This book is essential for anyone in ministry and every Christian who wants to fulfill Christ’s will – to be a winner and receive a “well done good and faithful servant.” Your assignment will always include battles – it’s imperative that you know the enemy and understand the obstacles and learn how to fight effectively to WIN!
Dr. John P. Kelly
International Convening Apostle
International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

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